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tisdag november 20th 2018


Hungarian won against Netherlands

Hungary beats the world champion participating team – Netherlands

Hungarian national team beat World Cup participant Netherlands twice in the Beach Arena in Siófok. Massimiliano De Celis’ side looked much more motivated than the Oranje. Hungary won the first game 3-1 and defeated their rival 5-3 in the second in front of a great crowd by the lake Balaton.

International friendlies, Siófok
Hungary – Netherlands 3-1
Goals: Weisz, Fekete, Ughy; Ajiach
Hungary – Netherlands 5-3
Goals: Badalik, Ughy (2), Fekete, Besenyei; Van Gessel, Ax, Koswal


To watch the 5-3 win, click below


To watch pictures from 3-1 game click on the link