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tisdag november 20th 2018


Russia and Germany winners in Berlin

France and Germany to promotional final i Hauge for an place in Group A next year.

Gruop A

Russia – Romania   7-2

Romania manage to keep the match interesting until middle of second period. When Krash makes 3-1 to Russia and Eremeev scores 4-1 on a miss from Romania where them miss one player back from attacking to defense it seems like Romanias energy is over. The third period starts with an great overheadkick from Shishin on a corner kick and 6-1 is reality. The rest of the match is an transportation to victory for Russia in Berlin. Final score 7-2 to Russia. Congratulations Russia.


Italy – France 8-6

In a even match until the middle of second period where France goes from 4-4 to 6-4 by goals by Basquaise and Mendy. After this Italy makes the following 4 goals and the match ends 8-6 to Italy. Still I think a positive developing in the game for France and I hope that Joel Cantona can take France to the level they used to have.


Group B

Germany – Turkey 4-1

Thürk made a great goal after an turkish overheadkick. 1-0 to Germany in second period. When Sebastian Ullrich made 2-0 on a freekick it seemed very fair. The final standing 4-1 to Germany and the German players (and coach) have developed their game last years and are now into the promotionalfinal (against France) to get into the Group A next year.

Azerbaijan – Greece 6-3

Elvin hattrick gives Azerbaijan their second win during Berlin EBSL. Still it was first in the third quarter they made an comfortable goaldifferens to Greece.