It´s all about beachsoccer
tisdag november 20th 2018


Second day at EBSL Berlin


Russia still going strong….

Group B
Germany – Greece 2-1

A match with few clear chances for both teams. Thürk made a first goal for Germany on a missed pass back
to goalkeeper and Thürk got between and passed the ball into the goal. The second goal was beautiful – a nice pass and Oliver Romrig shot an great shot on volley into the net.

The germans had a solid defense but with an header in third quarter by Bousmpouras in Greece the match got an little nervous for the germans but both team showed a well organized defense and they need to improve their attacking. Move the ball quicker and start to put an little bit more effort in helping the player who has the ball. Now only one player (one of the attackers) help the otherone and the two defenders cover the defense.

Turkey – Azerbaijan 5-6

Group A

Romania – France 5-4 (extra time)
Russia- Italy 3-2