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tisdag november 20th 2018


Swedish Champions 2012

Vetlanda United IF and Skellefteå FF winner in Swedish Championship.

Vetlanda United IF winners in Swedish Championshiop

Vetlanda United ladies won the championship 2012 in Ahus by beating Skellefteå FF 10-1. Skellefteå started by shooting 1-0 with an corner kick that touched a player into the goal. After this the match was overtaken by United rapidly. Matilda Johansson showed why she was awarded ”best player” and made some great goals (totally 4 in the final). By the end of first period the score was 5-1. United played very organized and Skellefteå had great difficulties to even get shots on goals. Often the superb defenders in United stressed the Skellefteå team to either go back or make misstakes. By the end om second quarter the score was 8-1. In third quarter Skellefteå tried to move forward but the energy of trying to get back inte the game during the two first periods had taken the breath out of the players. The third period was an intensiv but controlled period by Vetlanda United. Goals by United made by Matilda Johansson (4), Johanna Möller (3), Anna Sjöstrand (2) and Emma Andersson (1).

Skellefteå won the mens class by beating Klippans FF in a final with high tempo and many quick turnings from defense to attackings. The teams followed eachother up to 3-3 when Skellefteå made one goal on freekick and the 5-3 goal made by Adam Stighäll on a shot in an quick attack. Klippan made 4-5 in one of the attacks and when it was 1 minute left. The disciplined defense by Skellefteå kept the game closed to the score 5-4.