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söndag september 23rd 2018


Portugal wins EBSL Superfinal

Portugal wins EBSL and welcome to group A – Turkey.

The five topteams in Europe (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Russia and Switzerland) is equal in quality. The ”todayquality” seems to be the different.

Switzerland had a defense play sometimes very bad. Had players move behind their defense and score several times. Stankovic is still a producing goals. Nico have to had better throws. He can better. Still they produce 12 goals in two matches but their defense let 11 goals in. Not good enough.6-3 against Spain and lost 5-6 to Italy.

Spain – with Amarelle is better. But still everybody around him expect him to ”solve” the problems for ex in their attacking game. This was unfortunally Amarelles not best performance and this reflects the Spanish results also. 5-6 against Italy and 3-6 against Switzerland.

Italy was like a new team. The missing of the starplayer Pasquali did not reflect their game. Leghissa sometimes come into attacking (which I never seen before ;-) . There is a new dynamic in their game but still they played smart and used the opponents weaknesses this weekend. 6-5 against Spain and 8-6 win against Switzerland. In the final they met a strong Portugal. But 2 place in EBSL is more than I expected. Esposito have made a great job with the team and I will be interesting to see what he can achieve for next year when FIFA WC is played in Italy.

Romania made a great game against Russia but the Russian defense had never been as bad as during this match. 6-4 is a step forward for the Romanian but 6-1 against Portugal reflects the status for the Romanian team. To break into the A group is not easy.

Russia defense against Romania is the worst I have seen from them. Wins the game by continuing to work hard and never let the opponent rest. They missed a lot of shots also in this game. The match against Portugal was close and a wrong decision from the referee (where he let the game continue when Russia should have a freekick) ”changed” the match when Portugal scored instead. Great goals by Madjer (as usual ;-) .

Portugal is strong. Bruno Novo was the hero of the team by 2 goals in the final. Nice for him to be in the center (usual it is Madjer, Belchior or Alan). 6-1 Romania and 4-2 against Russia took them to the final against Italy. A tight game where Italy started best but Portugal was working very hard in both attacking and defense. The kings in defense Marinho and Bilro neutrilized every attack during 2 period from Italy. Congratulations guys – you deserved this victory.

Group B

Turkey wins against France in the final with 4-3. The negative process from France continue and they have to ”start over” in B group next year. Turkey made a terrific weekend in Portugal and are qualified for A group next year. My guess was Hungary but they lost their game in the group against France and alsa against Israel in the game for 3 place.

ISRAEL  3-3 (2-3) TURKEY






ENGLAND  2-4 AZERBAIJAN (Promotion Final 5th & 6th Place Match)


HUNGARY 4-8  ISRAEL (Promotion Final 3rd & 4th Place Match)