It´s all about beachsoccer
söndag september 23rd 2018


Italy, Russia, France and Turkey won

Italy was great, Russia is like a machine, France on their way back? Turkey won on penalties

In the promotionalfinal Turkey won against Israel on penalties 3-3 at full time in Group B

France in group A with my favorite player Samoun was back and helped Cantonas team win over England with 10-4. Sciortino made 4 of the goals for France in Group A.

Russian had a very tight game against Romania. The russian team is like a machine. They just keep on moving the ball and in some way you ”know” that the other team (in this case Romania) do not have the energy in the third quarter. Still the defense was not satifying for the Russian team that missed their positions in the defense some times during the game and Romania was very effective to use this occations. 6-4 to Russia.

Espositos guys in Italy made a great game against Switzerland. Schirinzis guys tried and tried but the italian defense were strong (still SUI made 6 goals – 4 by Stankovic, 2 by Meier). Palmacci (2 goals) and the new player Gori (2 goals) were surpricingly effective today. Still we have to concider that the megastar in Italy Pasquali was not playing. Players like Palmacci have had difficulties finding the goal when Pasquali is playing. Today more players in Italy ”carried the teams play” than usually. The Suiss defense was a disaster. Player moving up time after time behind the defenders and Nico in the goal use to be a stabilized part in the Suiss defense had not his best day. Step up Nico and Switzerland – you can do much better than this. To Italy – Congratulations. This group will be very interesting to follow.