It´s all about beachsoccer
söndag september 23rd 2018


No surprice first day Mundialito


Madjer leads Portugal to an easy win against USA

The first match a Brazilian team used appr 50 % of their capacity to beat Argentina in an 3-2 win. Benjamin, Bueno and André for Brazil. Vivas and De Ezeyza made the goals for Argentina. Vivas goal was a classic goal and the goal of the match. Anderson in Brazil was a new experience on the beach soccer arena and with great acceleration and speed he made some great attacking attempts.

Brazilians showed very little of their class and more or less during the match they made an ”walkingmatch”. Maybe they are saving their energy for the match on sunday against Portugal. USA tomorrow should not be a problem for them.

Argentina will face Portugal tomorrow and they won easily against USA 5-1. Madjer were leading the team and made two great goals. One of the goal it was lucky the net was strong otherwise you had to pick up the ball in the Atlantic sea. Alan made also 2 great goals Novo 1. Portugal is still 2 divisions better than the US team.

One of my favorite players made a comback – Marinho. A tough and technical player who made the Portuguese team very strong a few years ago. In that time a first line up with Marinho-Hernani (former Benfica player)- Alan and Madjer. Welcome back Marinho.