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söndag september 23rd 2018


Portugal to WC


Portugal goes to WC by winning on penalty shootout.

After first quarter 2-1 to Portugal. Madjer with a goal and this man hits the ball on volley as hard so you get scared what could happend if he hits a ship in the bay (it would probably sink ;-) . Belchior a typical goal where he goes to his right and around his defender and shots a goal.

Kubiak made 2-2 in the second on a free kick. Alan made 3-2…. This way the match was continuing and at the exact end of the match Poland got 5-5. After extra time the penaltyshootout was going to decide – Portugal or Poland. Jarosiewicz misses the first penalty and Madjer made no misstake. Portugal to semifinal and to the WC.