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måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Switzerland to WC by beating Hungary

StankovicSwitzerland qualified to WC next year

A first quarter where no one of the teams want to take any risks in their defense. It was still close several times but the Suiss coach Schirinzis header in the barr just seconds from the end on a perfect attack. Still strange with only 0-0. Hungary had a massive support from the crowd.

1-0 in second quarter by an strong performance by Ughy. Holding his defender on space and score. 1-1 by Spacca on a traditional beachsoccer goal. A player runs into a position after a pass from targetplayer and shots. Nice goal.

2-1 for Suiss in third on a corner kick made by Maier and Schirinzi by a header. On a free kick who hit the crossbar Leu scored on a bicyclekick – 3-1 to the Suiss.

3-2 by Besenyei on a bicyklekick (very nice assist by Simonyi)

Every time Stankovic had the ball the Hungarian defense were one on the right side and one to support and try to take the ball from him. Most of the times very effective and Dejan did not succeed as usual but still if you give him 10 cm to much he will score. One of the best players in the world.

Schirinzis guys could stop the attacking by Hungaria and goes to semifinal. All credit to a tremendious work by the Hungarian coach Massimilliano De Celis who made this a team that starts to compete with the best teams in the world. One of the best teams on shifting quickly from defense to attacking.