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söndag september 23rd 2018


WC Qualifying quarterfinalists


The quarterfinalists are: Switzerland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Portugal, Russia, Poland, Spain

Switzerland-France 6-4

Cantonas men is improving. They were close but an own goal by Mendy in the end of last period made it to hard for them. Switzerland – a team that always seems to deliver quality and goals when needed.

Hungary-Greece 8-4

4-0 for the hungarians were to much for Greece. Massimilliano De Celis guys in Hungary have the ability to start the games in a very positive way and this time (not as lucky against Italy in EBSL) they could control the game in a better way. Kavalaris that have been a keyplayer in Greece since 2004 still have to wait 2 years for next qualification for WC. I changed my matchshirt from the EBSL in Mallorca 2004 with him. It is hanging in my office ;-)

Ukraine-Netherlands 6-0

I haven´t seen Ukraine this good since 2004 when they qualified to the superfinal and the WC. They never gave Netherlands a chance.

Romania-Estonia 6-2

Romania and especially Maci have impressed.

Portugal-Azerbaijan 5-2

3 goals by the legendarian Madjer. Azerbaijan tried as good as they can but Portugal is just better.

Russian-Turkey 11-2

The Russians plays as always very organized and their way to the goal is sometimes very predictable. The same today but Turkey have not made their theoretical practice. Shishin and his guys made the process very short and it will be interesting to see if the Russian team can play as well against more organized teams.

Poland-Italy 4-3

After 0-3 the polish team came back and with and goalscorer as Saganowski you can never rest in defense. Italy is still qualified for WC next year since they are the organizing part/nation.

Spain-Modavia 5-1

The spanish team had no problem and by an solid gameplan they defeated Moldavia without any problems.