It´s all about beachsoccer
måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Summary 2009 Sweden

Andreas Granqvist - successful beachsoccerplayer

(Dejan, Andreas Granqvist and Putte)

During an exibitionturnaments between a team from Helsingborg and Vetlanda United (the most successful beachsoccer team in Sweden) the nationalplayer in football – Andreas Granqvists showed his skill even on the beach.

I hope to see Andreas a great guy (now playing in Groningen) on the pitches in Sweden during 2010 also.

The other two tournaments – CoBÖ and wera played on Öland and in Vetlanda. The CoBÖDAbana won by Lindsdal (men) and IFK Kalmar (women) and in Vetlanda HvGIF (men) won.