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måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Final day EBSL Moscow

Winners EBSL 2010 stage 1Russia and Israel winners of EBSL stage 1 in Moscow

The final day in Moscow EBSL

Israel was already winners of group B. 8-6 to Germany over Greece in the final groupmatch. Greece took the command but the longer the match proceed the more German took over the command. 4-2 to Greece in the end of first quarter became 8-6 to Germany (3-1 in last quarter to the Germans).

The game for 3 place in the A group was played between Romania and Poland 8-6. The  goal of the day must be Maci overheadkick near the sideline. (Amarelle did an similar goal 2008 -see the videos from 2008 – in FIFA WC against Japan).

Saganowsky is always delivering but the Romanians and especially Maci was the keyplayer of the day. In the end of the match the Polish team was to ”offensive” and got 2 deportations from the pitch. With only 2 players left there were no chans to break through the Romanian defense.

The final match between Russia and Italy was a tight match. Russian played as always an well organized defense and so did Italy (finally ;-) . 4-3 to the Russians and the first title of the year (and on their home pitch). Bukhlitskiy in the Russian goal made some fantastic saves.

MVP Pasquali (ITA)

Best goalscorer Pasquali (ITA) and Saganowsky (POL) 8 goals each

Best goalkeeper Bukhliskiy (RUS)

Fair Play Russia