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måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Copa Latinas first round

The first round (of three) of Copa Latina was played today. Not surpricingly Brazil won against Argentina 5-1 (Daniel, Andreas, Benjamin, Betinho and Sidney scored for Brazil). Uruguay won against Chile 7-5 (goals scored for Uruguay Matías 2, Coco 2,, Martin, Pampero and Ricar. Chiles goals were produced by Mena, Palma, Argote, González and Fabricio) The second round is played today. Uruguay-Argentina and Brazil-Chile. Can anything stop Brazil? I am very sceptical.

The thing with Brazil is not that every other team has one keyplayer who scores. In Brazil – every player could more or less be the keyplayer and score.  Against Argentina 5 different goalscorer. Impressed!