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tisdag november 20th 2018


Report Polish Beach Soccer 2009

Quickstat of the Polish Beach Soccer season 2009

10 cities organizing events

14 events during 2009

70 teams

850 players

1563 goals

This was the 7:th year that both the Cup and Championship was organized. The third year the womens championship and the fourth year the championship was played by the juniors.


Hotel Continental (Krynica Mor) won the Championship  and got second in the Cup.

Grembach-Stalbor (Zgierz) won the Cup and got second in the Championship. These two teams rules the Polish Beach Soccer 2009 for men. The best goalscorer in the Cup was the winning teams national player and one of the best players in Poland – Bugoslaw Saganowski.


Dargfil Tomaszow Maz. won the championship for women. During this year a nationalteam for women have also been formed.


OK (Peddebice) ruled the juniors (born after 1/1 1989).

The ”strong man” and the President of Beach Soccer in Poland is Mike Sieczko.

They have also a project of trying to lift beach soccer into schools. Nice work Mike and continue to have your passion for the sport and I wish you and all your players in Poland Good Luck and hope to meet you in some way in the future.

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