It´s all about beachsoccer
måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Preview final BRA-SUI

The final in FIFA Beach Soccer World Championship will be a battle between the giant Brazil and the newcombers Switzerland. This is the second time a new country in WC is going to the final (Mexico 2007). 

To have a higher defense and not getting back in Nico:s knee will be important for Switzerland not to get to much pressure in their defense. It will be a lot of play for the Suiss team on Dejan Stankovic (15 goals so far) and the 4-2 win for Brazil in the groupstage is a acknowledgement that the Beach Soccer World is getting bigger and the competition for Brazil is getting tighter. They are still ahead, but not that much. Will Switzerland win? No, when playing at their best they will give Brazil a good game. Still Dejan has to score 3-4 goal and their defense has to be solid. My guess a 4 goal win for Brazil.