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måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Brazil – Pasquali 6-4

A impressingly playing Brazil controlled the match against Italy in the first period but then Pasquali woke up during this WC. Producing all the goals for Italy in this match it was very close to win against Brazil. Still you have to score when you have the opportunity and a well played Spada in the goal saved the match until the last period.

In the semifinals on saturday they will meet Portugal. A Portugal that still have much to show. This is the best attacking play ever by Brazil during all WC but there is still lack of trust in the defense. The Brazilian had a 28 days training camp before this WC and have never been more wellprepared than this. 

There were some tensions between Mao in the goal and Pasquali and I hope there will be no consequenses for them. Mao is important for the Brazilians and is safety in the backend of the defense.

How shall anyone beat Brazil? Suiss had one player, Italy had one. Portugal have several players that could do the differens (Madjer, Belchior and Alan).