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måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Dejan, Dejan, Dejan

A hattrick by Dejan Stankovic (now 11 goals this WC) and a quick changeover from defense to attacking and the ”machine” Russia did not have the recipe to score against Suiss. The defense of Suiss made Russian play in sideways and did not find Shaykov in their attacking.  Mo and Kaspar neutrilized Shaykov and the other in defense blocked the boll into the box. Sensation? A little though Russia has been very strong during the year but Suiss team are very organized and that has been their problem yearlier. Goals? Yes, they always produce goals and by having more defense on the other 3 players on the pitch is has to be Stankovic to produce. Congratulation to Schirinzis guys.