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måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Preview final groupstage

Group A where a very good goalkeeping and a real Madjer goal made by Coco in Uruguay open ups this group for day 3. All teams are at 3 points and it would be a big suprice if Portugal not overcoming Salomon Islands in the last round. 42 shots but only 18 on goal and 1 goal. Better up Portugal.

UAE won easily against Salomon Island and have it in own hands where the game against Uruguay probably will face which team will follow Portugal to quarterfinals.

In group B Japan and Spain shall go to next round. Amarelle back gives Spain the stability and the playmaker they needee. Without Amarelle, Spain is not the same.

Russia in group C is already qualified to the quarterfinals. Italy havs to win against Costa Rica. Argentina made a easy win against Costa Rica but the Costa Rica team had a lot of problems with their defense. To be sure to go to next stage Argentina has to beat Russia. Russians seems so strong an wellorganized. At this moment the only team that can stand up to the Brazilians.

Brazil and Switzerland is clear to quarterfinals. Switzerland is sailing further in WC and Dejan Stankovic is at his best with 6 goals so far. Will they have the curage to continue attacking – yes. You can never count out the suiss. The real test will be tomorrow against Brazil. Schirinzi said at Eurosport that they know the Brazilians very well.

Let’s see if they made their homework then.