It´s all about beachsoccer
måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Day 1 Group C Russia and Italy wins

Two careful teams made at last 5 goals. Italy won against Argentina with 3-2 after overtime. Carotenute are the today hero in Italy with his 3-2 goal. Italy with Leghissa in the back seems very organized – like Italian teams use to – and these few times the missed the defense job the Argentinians attacked. Long shots and free kicks was the melody for this match. Without great performance by Salguero the match had been won by Italy earlier. Palmacci and Pasquali scored for Italy and the Hilaire brothers for Argentina.

Russia workes so hard in the defense and they seems so confident. The second goal was nice – an overheadkick by Shkarin. Costa Rica had to have an penaltykick to get by Bukhlitskiy. Look out for Russia. The match against Italy tomorrow will probably be as careful as against Argentina for Italy. I hope the feeling of winning is bigger than the fear of loosing.

Argentina have to win against Costa Rica to have a chans to qualify to the quarterfinals. I do not want to have Russia in the last round an be forced to win.