It´s all about beachsoccer
måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Day 1 Group B Japan and Cote d’Ivore wins

Another rockn roll match between Cote d’Ivore and El Salvador. ES takes the lead with 5-2 after first period but CDI and especially the fivegoalscorer – Ludovic Ehounou wanted something else. After many yellow and redcard the match ended 7-6 to Cote d’Ivore.

Japan beats Spain after a penalty shoutout. 5-5 at fulltime after a owngoal in first by the japanese. An injured Amarelle could be cruzial for the spanish which has to lay on Nico (”the turboman”) to lead the team on the pitch. It is now a wideopen group and the matches tomorrow will be very interesting. Spain has to win against El Salvador and Cote d’Ivore could beat Japan. Interesting speculation…..