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måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Day 1 Group A Salomon Islands and Portugal wins

This group started with two ”rockń roll matches”

Solomon Islands won against Uruguay which was a little surprice for many. Still the teams under the top5 is coming closer.

After 4-2 (after first period) and 7-2 (second) Uruguay had to attack. 4 goals in last period made the match alive again. A lot of yellow cards on tḧe first line-up SI but the goals made by ”the bench”. Laua 3 goals for SI.

UAE made a tremendius first period and lead by 3-0. After period two when Portugal steped up (still didn’t played at their best) and made 2 goals we all thought that the third period will be Portugals. During 6 minutes in the last period Portugal makes 5 goals and Madjer shows his skill and takes the responsability and scores 3 of these goals. 7-5 for Portugal but they have to show more than this to reach the final in this WC.