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måndag oktober 22nd 2018


Group D Switzerland and Brazil wins

Bahrain started the match with big confidence and with low tempo made the player of Suiss stressed. Suiss wants to play a fast and direct beach soccer and started to take wrong descitions fast. Mo took a unnecessary penalty on a Bahrainplayer. After a typical goal of Stankovic (an fantastic overheadkick) the Suiss go a lot of confidence and starting to get the match they wanted. With quick changes from defense to attacking the Bahrainplayers did not have the ability to follow. Schirinzi made a cool 2-1 and a freekick by Stankovic to 1-1 and Staccas freekick to 3-1 made a stabil win of first period. But as always with the Suiss team it is never over until its over. Bahrain get into the match again and like tabletennis during a minute there were making goals every attempt. Til the end Suiss were cooler and as always Suiss team make goals. All credit to Schirinzi:s boys and good luck. For Bahrain it will be tough. As seen at the bench the player and leaders in the team did not seem to be agreed how/which to play. A final win by 6-5 gives Switzerland a good start at their first WC.

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The match between Nigeria and Brazil 5-11 is equal in the first period. After 2-2 it seems like Benjamins boys put in the turbo adn Nigeria has noghing to put up to this machine starts rolling. 7 different goalscorere in brazil makes it hard for the other teams to neutrilize the champions. Andre 4 goals.