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Which teams will qualify to the quarterfinals?

Puttes guess which teams will qualify to the quarterfinals. Group A UAE and Portugal Group B Spain and Japan Group C Russian and Italy Group D And Switzerland and Brazil is already in the quarterfinals.

Preview final groupstage

Group A where a very good goalkeeping and a real Madjer goal made by Coco in Uruguay open ups this group for day 3. All teams are at 3 points and it would be a big suprice if Portugal not overcoming Salomon Islands in the last round. 42 shots but only 18 on goal and 1 goal. Better up Portugal. UAE won easily against Salomon Island and have it [...]

Results day 2 in FIFA WC Dubai

The results of today: Group A Uruguay-Portugal 2-1 UAE-Solomon Islands 7-1 Group B Japan - Cote d'Ivore 3-2 Spain - El Salvador 7-3 Group C Argentina - Costa Rica 6-0 Russia - Italy 3-1 Group D Switzerland - Nigeria 7-2 Brazil - Bahrain  8-1 All results and standing at [...]

Day 1 Group C Russia and Italy wins

Two careful teams made at last 5 goals. Italy won against Argentina with 3-2 after overtime. Carotenute are the today hero in Italy with his 3-2 goal. Italy with Leghissa in the back seems very organized – like Italian teams use to – and these few times the missed the defense job the Argentinians attacked. Long shots and free kicks was the [...]

Day 1 Group B Japan and Cote d’Ivore wins

Another rockn roll match between Cote d'Ivore and El Salvador. ES takes the lead with 5-2 after first period but CDI and especially the fivegoalscorer – Ludovic Ehounou wanted something else. After many yellow and redcard the match ended 7-6 to Cote d'Ivore. Japan beats Spain after a penalty shoutout. 5-5 at fulltime after a owngoal in first [...]

Day 1 Group A Salomon Islands and Portugal wins

This group started with two "rockń roll matches" Solomon Islands won against Uruguay which was a little surprice for many. Still the teams under the top5 is coming closer. After 4-2 (after first period) and 7-2 (second) Uruguay had to attack. 4 goals in last period made the match alive again. A lot of yellow cards on tḧe first line-up SI [...]

Group D Switzerland and Brazil wins

Bahrain started the match with big confidence and with low tempo made the player of Suiss stressed. Suiss wants to play a fast and direct beach soccer and started to take wrong descitions fast. Mo took a unnecessary penalty on a Bahrainplayer. After a typical goal of Stankovic (an fantastic overheadkick) the Suiss go a lot of confidence and [...]

Sky News reports from Dubai

Sky News from Dubai Check out the link to have video news about the tournament and the UAE team.

Which will go through first round?

My guess of which teams will go to quarterfinals from each group is: A Portugal and Uruguay B Spain and Japan C Russian and Italy (I guess with my European heart but Argentina is strong also) D Brazil and Switzerland. In Marseille 2008 3 of 4 teams were from Europe and I still believe it would be so even 2009. But I had wrong [...]

Tomorrow is the day….

On monday the FIFA WC in Beachsoccer starting in Dubai. 16 team around the world will compete for the championship. Since 2006 (France won 2005) Brazil is the kings of the beach. But the beachsoccer world is getting bigger and the countries to get the whole way is few. Brazil, Portual, Spain and the outsider Russia could go the whole way. But it [...]

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