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WC every second year 2011 and 2013

The bidding process for WC 2011 and 2013 is ongoing. Argentina, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Italy, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland and Tahiti have been expressed their interest of arranging the fastest growing sport FIFA Beach Soccer World Championship. My guess is that there will be one tournament in [...]

Switzerland to the final

The WC big surprice - Switzerland did not give the Urguanian sida a chance to attacking on the Suiss missings. 4 goals by Dejan Stankovic and a big game of the team over all. The defense with Mo as a keyplayer neutrilize the defense pros of Uruguay. Schirinzis boys have still one time to meet Brazil. This time they should not fall down so low [...]

Brazil in final …again

A finalstanding 8-2 for Brazil. At strong Brazil did not give Portugal a chance. 4-0 after first 12 minutes was to much for Portugal.  The portugal team did not do their "work home" and their defense is not ok if they gonna have a chance against Portugal. Players like Hernani is missing. Alan did not come up to his normal standard. Belchior and [...]

Uruguay to semi

A nervous game with two teams that did not want do do any misstakes. Rica was the hitman this night with two goals and the last one in extra tim. 79 shots but only 29 on goal. Strong defense by both teams means a lot of shooting from the middle/side of the pitch. Amarelle was trying but we can see that his injury hurts his game and the attacking [...]

Putte assist at Eurosport

Putte assist at Eurosport

On saturday and sunday I will assist the supurb Mats Larsson at the Swedish Eurosport. The semifinals and final will be very interesting with x of 4 teams from Europe. Follow the semifinals also at and on Eurosport Player. A super service where you can watch Eurosport on your computer.

Brazil – Pasquali 6-4

A impressingly playing Brazil controlled the match against Italy in the first period but then Pasquali woke up during this WC. Producing all the goals for Italy in this match it was very close to win against Brazil. Still you have to score when you have the opportunity and a well played Spada in the goal saved the match until the last [...]

Portugal to semi

Japan was very careful and was very close to won against Portugal. They made Portugal play around the box and were forced to make alot of longshots during first period. Longer the match went the defense of Japan had harder to protect the box and these times the players did something unexpected it became goal. Belchiors "outsidebackwordpass" to [...]

Dejan, Dejan, Dejan

A hattrick by Dejan Stankovic (now 11 goals this WC) and a quick changeover from defense to attacking and the "machine" Russia did not have the recipe to score against Suiss. The defense of Suiss made Russian play in sideways and did not find Shaykov in their attacking.  Mo and Kaspar neutrilized Shaykov and the other in defense blocked the boll [...]

Quarterfinals on friday

The quarterfinals are played as followed: Japan - Portugal Russia - Switzerland Brazil - Italy Uruguay - Spain My guess is that we will see the following semifinals Brazil - Portugal Russia - Spain (but both Switzerland and Uruguay have shown their ability so these 4 teams competing for the semifinals is more open than the [...]

All European teams in quarterfinals

Group A Uruguay had to beat UAE to go to the quarterfinals and with an disciplinary defense the first line made 4 goals and let "no one in". 4-0 made Uruguay first in group A. Portugal finally improved their class and won against Salomon Islands 6-1 and Madjer (2 goals) made the first on kickoff. Portugal through the groupstage as no 2 in the [...]

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