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Vetlanda United honours Madjer

Vetlanda United honours Madjer

Joao Victor Saraiva more known as Madjer has accepted the honour of membership in Vetlanda United. "The portuguese nationalplayer is selected through his way of promoting the sport as a ambassador and he is a good example to our young players in Vetlanda United" says Patrick "Putte" Blomström. The process of who will be honored in Vetlanda [...]

The soul of Copacabana is lost?

Checkout the notice from Reuters UK where it seems like it will not be allowed to play beach soccer at the classic beach of Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro. They want to "shock of order" to clean up the beaches of Rio to being in order for the election for the 2016 Olympic games. A sunny day it can be 2 million people of the beaches of [...]

Report Polish Beach Soccer 2009

Quickstat of the Polish Beach Soccer season 2009 10 cities organizing events 14 events during 2009 70 teams 850 players 1563 goals This was the 7:th year that both the Cup and Championship was organized. The third year the womens championship and the fourth year the championship was played by the juniors. Men Hotel [...]

Madjer couldn’t explain it better

Madjer express his thoughts about the previous matches: "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of devastating obstacles" Let us wait and see if we can put Hero also on his businesscard ;-)

Summary 2009 Sweden

Summary 2009 Sweden

(Dejan, Andreas Granqvist and Putte) During an exibitionturnaments between a team from Helsingborg and Vetlanda United (the most successful beachsoccer team in Sweden) the nationalplayer in football - Andreas Granqvists showed his skill even on the beach. I hope to see Andreas a great guy (now playing in Groningen) on [...]

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